• Aftermarket Programming Cable
  • FTDI USB chipset
  • TX and RX Led indicators
  • Cable Length: 1M (3.3 feet)
  • No programming software included
Aftermarket FTDI USB cable equivalent to OEM Part # KPG-46. For programming Kenwood Mobile Radios (by RJ-45 8-pin): KDS-100, NX-700E, NX-700HK, NX-700K, NXB-710, NX-800E, NX-800HK, NX-800HK2, NX-800K, NX-800K2, NXB-810, NXR-800K3, NXR-7100, NXR-810, TK-760, TK-760G, TK-762, TK-762G, TK-763, TK-763G, TK-768, TK-768G, TK-780, TK-780G, TK-785, TK-868, TK-868G, TK-880, TK-880G, TK-885, TK-980, TK-981, TK-6110, TK-7100, TK-7100H, TK-7102H, TK-7150, TK-7160, TK-7160E, TK-7160HM, TK-7160M, TK-7162E, TK-7180, TK-7180E, TK-7180E, MPT TK-7189, TK-7189E, TK-7189E, TK-7302E, TK-7302HM, TK-7302M, TK-8100, TK-8100H, TK-8102H, TK-8150, TK-8160, TK-8160E, TK-8160HM, TK-8160M, TK-8162E, TK-8180, TK-8180E, TK-8180E, TK-8189, TK-8189E, TK-8189E, TK-8302, TK-8302E TK-8302HK2, TK-8302M,2 TK-90, TKB-751, TKB-851, TKR-720, TKR-73,0 TKR-740, TKR-750, TKR-750E (Version 2), TKR-751E, TKR-820, TKR-830, TKR-850, TKR-850E (Version 2), TKR-851E, TKR-7500,TKR-8400, TM-261A, TM-271A, TM-271E, TM-461A, TM-471A.

This device requires an FTDI USB VCP Driver. Virtual COM port (VCP) drivers cause the USB device to appear as an additional COM port available to the PC. Application software can access the USB device in the same way as it would access a standard COM port.

Driver download and installation instructions: https://www.valley-ent.com/store/ftdi-usb-vcp-driver.html

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Kenwood 8-Pin Mobile Radio Programming Cable USB FTDI KPG-46

  • Brand: Valley Enterprises
  • Part Number: RPC-KM8-UF
  • Ships From: Rigby, ID
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $21.49

  • 2 or more $20.63
  • 10 or more $19.77
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  • 50 or more $18.05

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